Community systems

INDIA India is a democratic country and is having population of 1.23 billion with different cultures. Some caste believed that the blood relationships continued until the fifth generation. Parent and their aged relatives are able to identify the marriage relation to avoid the culture deformation. We grouped by Maharishi to live jointly with co-operative. Our forefathers were interested to maintain the cultures by providing first and arranged marriages for their son and daughter. This web site designed to connect the Hindu families for peaceful living. Now, we can propose to connect such a best Hindu community people to find a solution for the common issues.

Hindu minorities :

Many castes in Hindu community with culture background are living with less population strength. Hence the political and official importance is neglect due to less voting power. But, they may have major taxpayers to Government. Based on population strength and at present the majority populated communities are getting more offer than others. We have to find a solution for the issues. The male and female ratio will be inform that a family with female child must get priority for job and education with Government and public sectors organisation till to balance. The marriage arrangements are within the caste and sub-caste only. Some castes would not yet get a ministerial post or top government post for past 50 years and almost certainly will not get near future. We must find a way to tell our opinion related with voting system.

Family safety :

We request the Government officials to obtain the concurrence of parents for their son and daughter marriage before marriage registration.

The marriage act is permit to marry a male with a girl without ascertain the blood relations. Many castes migrated from their own native place to other towns. Our children mainly know their parents and less know their blood related persons. The marriage act needs two witnesses only. The sub-registrar and witnesses do not know the blood relations. To avoid the controversy the concurrence of parents must obtain to reduce the blood related problem. Formation of the caste-based system is for maintaining to the welfare of the community.

We request the Government officials to obtain the concurrence of parents for their son and daughter divorce before legal admission.

The divorce case has been rapidly increasing between Hindu couples. The parents and their relatives are unrest once the dispute occurs. To reduce the divorce cases. The young couples will furnish their grievances to parent and obtain a written opinion. They have to get a report from the District Collector about their share from parent asset and liabilities. They also informed to their employer in writing about the divorce proposal and have to get acknowledgement. They must obtain a recommendation from the Sub-registrar. After legal admission, they are eligible to get one third part of total salary to run the life and the balance amount will be deposit in the State bank of India till the disposal of the cases.

Representation :

We can reflect our thoughts without strikes and any agitations. The people in democratic country supports the rule of law.The statistics of police station, hospital and court cases will be reduced when administrators are providing public services in according to best rules.The government must try to reduce the Police, Health and Legal departments. Authorities should be correspondence to equal rank holders. All Government services should be post audited to examine the account and multiple decision.

All expenditures made from public fund for an individual or company will have to maintain by bank based on base rate till the total life period whether the money is recover or cancel.It will help to find the actual beneficiary from public fund. The accountability for money will be reduced the corruption and irregularities. At a stage of life period many of the government aided person by way of public fund can have a capacity to repay the amount received.

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