Community systems

India is a democratic country and are having population of 1.23 billion with different cultures. Some caste believes that the blood relationships continued until the fifth generation. Parent and their aged relatives are able to identify the marriage relation to avoid the culture deformation. We are grouped by Maharishi to live jointly with co-operation. Our forefathers were also interested to maintain the cultures by providing first and arranged marriages for their son and daughter. The topics to be reviewed for best solution are listed. This web site is designed to connect the Hindu families for peaceful living.

Population:On July 11, the UN World Population Day. The Population of India in the year 1947 is 350 million and in the year 2011 the population is 1.21 billion. Some leaders are yet not interested to control the population growth. Many natural resources needed to live for human. Generally wealth and poverty are based on individual habits of people. Social issues are increasing due to lack for family planning. The fast expansion of population may increase issues related with food, accommodation and drinking water. The deficit in family financial position for people will be parallel to family strength. Population control in a family can improve the finance and educational position.People and firm are getting many type of government support as free aid, loan facility, subsidy, reservation in education and job. We must find a way to tell our opinion related with planned families.The non- controlled population growth is a major issue for which, the standing decision for limitation by political parties and officials are expected by us.

Administration:Education and job has been in the global competition. We have to pay back loans. The country debt is rising. We need to find the competent government officials and politicians for the country. The good habits of official in service at every five years have to be confirmed till retirement. The Current Account Deficit reached 4.8 percent of GDP in 2012-2013. But, the sustainable level may be 2.5 percent of GDP. In the year 2004, the external debit was $100 billion. In the year 2013, it had grown to $ 390. The irregular managements of civil administration are reflecting the position of deficits and loan of our country.The government funds are managed by the top level executives based on some standard procedures. The ruling party can make a policy decision for people welfare which may reflect the financial positions. But, the politician does not have any standard procedures to interfere with the daily activities of the officials. But, they will be mutually complaints each other for corruption and financial losses after public awareness. All departmental procedures are formed to safeguard the government fund. The violation of rules and regulations is the main reasons for corruption and monitory losses.The government servants with basic qualification are having many controlling mechanism till the service period. But,the politicians are need not have any qualification with good moral character. The politicians a policy maker in our democratic country is now dominating in every offers should be regularised for good governance.

Voter:714 million voters are eligible to cast votes. But, 415 million are voted. One voter has eligible to select local member, state assembly member and central parliament member in every election. We have to link good voters to select member of a constituency as a deciding factor. The political parties need fund to meet the election expenses. In general the ruling party will collect huge donation than other party. The money and donation of fund are playing major role in Indian politics. The political party will be permitted to collect donation only after declaration of the election. Also the caste based and religious based decision may be controlled by changing the method of selection. The member for elect will have to get more than fifty percent of positive votes from total vote polling. The same member will have to get the negative votes less than twenty five percent of the positive votes. The reformation of voting system can find to elect good members for parliament and state assembly.The ECI will have the full control over the selection of good moral character members for all election. At present many politicians are interfere the civil administration and local police services without any rules and regulations because the officials are having many immoral character and complying the direction of the politicians.

Political system:India is having a multi party system. It has national parties and state parties. People have certain rights regarding freedom of speech and write opinion. Political parties are essential in democratic country. In India some corporate companies has donated fund to some political parties throughout the ruling period. Political parties required fund to contest the election. The election in general will be three months period. The political parties are getting voters support by announcing policies. 543 M.P. and 4032 M.L.A. have to elect by the voters to form the central government and state governments. The ruling political party has powers to make policy and pass a bill within the frame work of constitution. The violation of agreements and over rate approval are responsible to the contractor and executive officer. Politicians are orally directing the administrators and police official by recommendation.All direct and indirect payment made for a person or firm will have maintained and accounted till the total life period whether the money is recoverable or cancel. Direct payment-cash loan. Indirect payment-subsidy. The accountability for payment will be reduced the corruption and irregularities.

Tax:The income taxpayers are about three percent in total population. Many people and companies are paying tax for common purposes. The tax fund is important to security of our nation. We must respect our security persons and taxpayers. All District Authority in a State has to maintain the total area development cost per year from public fund. All expenditures made from public fund for an individual or group will have to maintain by bank based on base rate till the life period of the person. It will help to find the actual beneficiary from public fund. The maximum allotment of tax amount will be for army and infrastructures. It may increase the taxpayers and reduce the tax evasion. Several types of tax amount are collecting to Government Departments. The foreign company –Microsoft, IBM, HP, Nokia… are also paying tax huge amount of to us. We must use some good part of tax fund for Army, infrastructures and repaying of loan.The taxpayers must allow opting to pay a part of the tax amount to the army in addition to the regular budget provision of the ruling party since most of the politicians are allotting fund to get votes.

Our people are reflect their thoughts, without strike and agitation. The rule of law has been supported the people in democratic country. The President of India,The Comptroller and Auditor General of India,The Chief Justice of India,The Prime Minster of India,The Chief of the Army Staff - Indian Army and The Chief Election Commissioner - Election Commission of India are safeguarding us. Likewise the state Government level authorities. We must associate and form a federation to pray the authorities to get a best solutions for the common issues. To start the true peaceful living we have to find good administrators and politicians.We are interested to find the issues related with public fund and national security. The statistics of police station, hospital and court cases will be reduced if administrations are according to rules. The reduction of criminal cases will reduce the number of jails.The people will then select the education against the lavish entertainment and starts to live with good habits.


We propose to connect the Hindu families those who are having good moral character and living caste based cultures for providing community services. We expect the self support of families to form a group of one thousand families in each ward or village with same castes and sub castes. We have to join together with other community by providing support to Government Officials. We have to maintain the one permanent manual records book from date of birth, educational qualification, employment details, and date of marriage are to be collected from member. After death of a person the deletion entry will have to be made in all his or her original entry of certificate and documents. This will help to update the actual information about our people.