Hindu family cultures

National Portal of India India is a democratic country and has population of 1270 million with different cultures. Few castes believed that the blood relationships continued until the fifth generation. Parent and their aged relatives are able to identify the marriage relation to avoid the culture deformation. We grouped by Maharishi to live jointly with co-operative. Our forefathers were interested to maintain the cultures by providing first and arranged marriages for their son and daughter. A very few castes having less population strength are following the cultures. Parents, children and political discipline are used to improve the cultures. This web site designed to connect the Hindu families with cultures for peaceful living and to find a solution for the people of soft.

View of leaders: Many thousand caste based groups are living in India. After the Second World War, the economic problem was increased in many Nations. A leader proposed to form the language based states in India. The language based states created the river disputes. A leader proposed the caste based reservation in political and government services to uplift certain section of people. The population growth is four times higher from Independence, correspondingly the family economy is declined. The leaders not yet advised for population control and served their own society by availing the aids. A leader proposed a religious based minority and majority status. We have good resources and man power to improve the economy. There is less loss in war and natural calamities. But, the National wealth in 1947 is one USD equal to one INR. The political view, community view, executive view, security view and legal view may be differed.

Reservation for education and jobs: The caste-based census was taken during 1934. The caste-based reservation is formed after 1947 on the assumption that the beneficiary will help their society. But, there is not any reliable information from the date of implementation to till date. In the beginning some caste-based groups are helped each others for their developments. Later caste-based political leaders provided supports to their people by using the political powers. The present caste-based reservation is implemented in an erroneous method. The reserved quota is applicable for each caste. When a category has 40 castes then each caste will get 0.025 seat. If the total seats are 2257, then the maximum eligibility is 56.425 from the date of the reservation order. After that the other castes people will have to get the reservation opportunity.

Caste-based discussion :During the Independence, few leaders have discussed that caste formation is cause for the social and economical problem in our country. But, the land was in unauthorised occupation by some external people more than thousand years. The leaders was recommended that the reservation for education and job to equalise the socio-economic problem. The population control and caste-based marriage for weaker section is also improve the economic condition of a family. The hard earned money collected as tax by the government is utilised for the development of weaker section by providing free support. But, few free educated student are settled in other countries and like the inter-caste marriage without serving our country and their weak society. The ambition of the leader by recommending caste-based proposal may not reached the group. The socio-economic problem existed.

Style of marriages : The marriages between the same caste couples only are recognised by the community leaders. The community leaders have some traditional control over the members of families. The marriage act is permit to marry a male with a girl without ascertain the blood relations. The Marriage Officer and witnesses does not know the blood relations. To avoid the controversy the concurrence of parents must obtain to reduce the blood related problem. The marriage officer allows the first marriage, second marriage and inter-caste marriage as per the legal provision. Any disputes will be placed before the legal officers. But, the community group is closely watching the life style of couple and reducing the disputes. They are linking their people from birth. The marriage arranged by the parents and relative is better than others. They are regulating the divorce disputes without any expenses.

Divorce cases : The self married couple should forgive the share of asset from their parents. They have to furnish a declaration every year about their unity at least for 10 years before the marriage officer. To reduce the divorce cases, the young couples will have to furnish their grievances to parent and obtain a written opinion. They have to get a report from the District Collector about their share from parent asset and liabilities. They also informed to their employer in writing about the divorce proposal and have to get acknowledgement. They must obtain a recommendation from the Sub-registrar. After legal admission, they are eligible to get one third part of total salary to run the life and the balance amount will be deposit in bank till the disposal of the cases. The less populated minority castes are suffering for marriages due to missing girls.

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